We did frontend and backend programming of news server Info.cz (Design was done internally by Info.cz team). Powered by our online publishing platform CMS Folio.

Client: Info.cz / https://www.info.cz

Year: 2020

One of the features is a video and podcast player integrated with the site admin.

Articles might be under “paywall” for subscribed users only.

Paywall is accompanied by an eshop wich offers subscription packages and other products. Payment is possible by card or Apple Pay and Google Pay.

User profile provides convenient access to a number of settings.

Ads system is using third party API.

Our on-line publishing platform CMS Folio features important functions for on-line publishing like user friendly WYSIWYG editor, A/B testing of theadlines, publication time and duration settings, spell checking, management of photos, series of articles and much more.