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Our project

  • Squared.one

    We decided to bring the photos back from your computers on the photo paper. Print photos, photo magnets and photo books from your Instagram, mobile or computer easily.

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How do we work?

Systemically, one thing at a time. First of all, we want to know the goals of the project and the problem that needs to be solved, it is also important to know the intended user. After that, summoning the expertise and knowledge of all the team members we decompose the problem to the atomic level and build a proper concept anew. This is when the user interface design, system architecture and communication strategies are determined. Consequent user testing and final corrections of the client help to fine-tune the concept, and then we are all set to start developing the graphics. When designing the website we alternate coding and programming. The use of modern tools and frameworks allows us to guarantee great efficiency both in the process of the website creation and in its long-term use. This is exactly when the sustainability of the system will show itself…